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Located in the heart of Ireland, we have over 30 years of experience locally and internationally, bringing only the best service and products to the automotive and marine industry.

Since being first introduced in 1980, Diamond Glaze® has gone on to become internationally famous.

The only prerequiste for the Diamond GlazeĀ® process is that there is a layer of good paint beneath the aged paint, which in most cases there is. With this prerequiste fulfilled, the age and condition of the car or boat becomes unimportant and with periodic use the paint work can be kept in a 'like new' condition for the life of the car or boat.

It's scientifically formulated, 2 phase process will permanently restore and protect the colour and brilliance of your car or boat to its original showroom condition - regardless of the age or appearance of your car or boat!

In over 30 years, Diamond Glaze® has not had a single complaint or refund request.

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