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Standard Kit
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Price: €45.00 + vat
The standard Diamond Glaze Kit consists of 1 X tin of Phase I (473ml) and 1 X tin of Phase II (237ml). This Diamond Glaze kit is enough to treat an average sized car twice.

Phase I - Conditioner
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Price: €25.00 + vat
This scientifically formulated conditioner is a non-abrasive chemical process. Because it is non-abrasive, it can be applied by hand or with a mechanical buffer significantly reducing application time. This chemical process has the capacity to distinguish between good paint and oxidised paint. Unlike most compounds and waxes on the market, Diamond Glaze® can be applied in virtually unlimited amounts without fear of harming the paint on your car or boat. In removing oxidised paint, Diamond Glaze® also removes superficial surface scratches, streaking and rust, restoring the original gloss and lustre of the paint to showroom condition. Phase I can be applied to all the surfaces of the car or boat, including chrome and rubber.

Phase II - Protector
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Price: €20.00 + vat
This scientifically formulated protector creates a brilliant, hard, diamond-like, long lasting glaze. It forms a non-porous shield which is completely impenetrable to climatic conditions. Using Diamond Glaze® Protector eliminates the need for annual painting maintenance. All that is necessary to maintain the shine and finish is occasional wiping with a damp, detergent free cloth.